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Smart Guide to Display Showcases

Guide to Showcases and Display Cabinets

What are Showcases and Display Cabinets used for in stores?

In retail, showcases and display cabinets are popular store fixtures because they offer versatility and are one of the best ways to display and secure valuable merchandise. Essentially, a showcase is a glassed-in cabinet or display case for displaying delicate or valuable items.  In addition to being extremely functional, showcases and display cabinets are used to create a more sophisticated look for any type of store.  Well-placed, high-quality glass showcases offer customers an immediate and attractive focal point and also give merchandise a higher perceived value.  

Showcases come in a large selection of styles including: glass display cabinets, trophy cases, countertop showcases and retail displays.  Display cases are ideal for presenting merchandise such as jewelry, collectibles, showcase products, register items and much more. Showcases and glass display cabinets offer stores the opportunity to draw attention to merchandise which helps to increase sales.

Showcase Basics

Glass Showcase and Display Cabinets come in many different shapes and sizes.  Glass display cases also offer different options such as locks, lighting, mirrors, etc.  Some of the basic types of showcases and display cabinets include:

Extra Vision Showcases are designed to show a maximum amount of merchandise. Extra Vision Showcases are 38" high x 20" deep.  The tempered glass display viewing area is 32" high.  The frame is made of silver anodized aluminum.  The black melamine kick base is 6” high.  Extra Vision Showcases are available in four lengths: 36", 48", 60" and 70".  Bright white hardboard sliding doors are included. Extra Vision Showcases come with glass shelves with two adjustable levels -- 8" and 10" deep.  Options available include: light, lock, mirror back and front opening glass doors. Fluorescent and halogen lights are sold separately.

Half Vision Showcases allow the user to display merchandise through a tempered glass display viewing area that is 18” high.  It also features rear storage.  Half Vision Showcases are 38” high and 20” deep. Bright white hardboard sliding doors are included.  The glass shelf offers one adjustable level which is 10” deep.  Half Vision Showcases feature satin silver aluminum frame and melamine laminated surface. Fourteen inch high open storage with optional storage doors, shelves and drawers are available. Fluorescent and halogen lights are sold separately.

Full Vision Showcases allow the user to display merchandise through a tempered glass display viewing area that is 26” high.  The entire showcase measures 38” high and 20” deep. These Full Vision Showcases feature a standard satin silver aluminum frame, melamine laminated surface, with white interior and black vinyl kick place.  Glass Shelves offer two adjustable levels – 8” and 10” deep.  Open storage 8” high is featured with optional storage doors, shelves and drawers.  Fluorescent and halogen lights are sold separately.  

Jewelry Showcases are designed specifically to display jewelry. Unquestionably, jewelry is an expensive commodity and showcasing them should be carefully planned out to attract the attention of your prospects.   These showcases feature a tempered glass display viewing area that is 12” high. The entire showcase is 38” in overall height and is 20” deep.  It comes with a glass shelf that is one level adjustable - 10” deep.  Jewelry display cases feature standard satin silver aluminum frame with melamine laminated surface, and a white interior with a black vinyl kick plate. This showcase includes a 14” high open storage area with optional storage doors, shelves and drawers. Fluorescent and halogen lights are sold separately.

Trophy Showcases are the classic front opening glass case. Designed originally for trophies, the merchandising area is perfect for showcasing large items including collectibles and electronics, along the wall with full visibility. Trophy Showcases come 72” high x 18” deep (15” deep is also available).  The glass display viewing area is 60” high.  Made with standard satin finish aluminum frame, it also features four adjustable levels of 12” deep glass shelves.  Lock is included. Fluorescent and halogen lights are sold separately.

Wall Display Cases are the "Furniture Cases" of display cases. They are perfect for displaying merchandise in an elegant style. Wall display cases offer more space to showcase your merchandise and are available with upgrades including mirrored backs and storage drawers. Fluorescent and halogen lights are sold separately.

Tower Display Cases are an ideal space saving option for displaying smaller items, these vertical cases stand 75” tall and come in different shapes such as square, hexagonal and elongated hexagonal.  Tower display cases are lighted and come with locking doors and adjustable glass shelves.  Fluorescent and halogen lights are sold separately.

Economy Display Cases are a line of affordable display cases made from durable melamine laminate surfaces.  Access panels at the back of the clerk side of the display cases help to hide messy wires and power cords. This economy line is the workhorse among display cases, designed to endure high traffic retail environments. Attractive and functional, Economy Display Cases provide the most bang for the buck. Typically ships “knocked down” ready to assemble, these Economy Display Cases make great portable store displays. Fluorescent and halogen lights are sold separately.

• Retail Kiosks / Mall Kiosks - Retail kiosks and mall kiosks are growing in popularity because they offer an ideal free-standing merchandise display solution. Retail kiosks are used in locations instead of typical storefronts.  Many malls are turning unused square footage into revenue generators with vendor kiosks.  These retail kiosks are created with display cases in various configurations and options including lighting, locking cabinets and even wheels. The display cases used for mall kiosks are set up to sell everything from jewelry, cell phones, cosmetics, hair accessories, hats and gloves, electronics, watches, sunglasses, gifts, novelties, food and more.

When choosing Showcases and Display Cabinets consider the following:

Measure your store’s floor space.  Know exactly how much room you have for your showcase. Consider tower and wall display cases if floor space is a premium.  Tower display cases are flexible and can be placed in many locations in your store.

What is the function of your display case?  What type of merchandise are you planning to display?  For large items and electronics consider a Trophy or Tower display cabinet.  For jewelry, small collectibles go with a half-, full- or extra-vision showcase.

How many shelves will you need?

Do you need/want storage space?

Determine what color and type of finish you want. Silver aluminum frames are standard, however, optional custom finishes are available in gold and black.  Keep in mind that custom finishes will require longer delivery lead times.  Available colors for showcases typically are white, black, maple and cherry. 

Will you need rear or front access for your Showcase?

Consider modular pairings to create the perfect Showcase layout for your needs.  Showcases are available to use standalone or with complementary units such as corner cases.


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