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How to Choose the Right Store Hangers

How-To Choose The Right Store Hanger and Accessories

Functional and necessary, hangers come in a variety of materials and colors and are engineered for a range of applications.  Hangers are ideal for keeping clothing wrinkle-free, perfect for displaying whole garments, and make it easy for stores to maintain displays throughout the day.

Choosing the right hanger and accessories to match your merchandise is the secret to keeping your clothing displays well organized. Here are some basics that will help you sort through the many hanger options that are available.

When choosing hangers consider:

1. Material – Basically, hangers come in plastic, wood and metal.  

•  Wood hangers are the traditional choice among high end clothing stores and boutiques.  Some wood hangers are contoured to give a more natural shape to a garment such as a man’s jacket.

 Plastic hangers are the most commonly used hangers.  Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, they are lightweight and affordable.  Many stores choose to stock “Economy” hangers that are lightweight, multipurpose, white plastic with strap hooks.  They are functional yet economical enough to give away to customers with their purchases.

•  Metal hangers are considered specialty hangers and most often used by salesmen to transport their clothing samples and by those who want to highlight their higher end fashion lines.

2. Application – What do you need to hang?  There are hangers designed for different applications in different sizes.  Whether you need an adult hanger, junior hanger or children’s hanger, use the proper hanger for each clothing item to show off your merchandise in the best way.  Here’s a list of some basic hangers:

Dress & Shirt Hangers – The foundation of most clothing stores are basic curved flat profile hangers that make it ideal for hanging a wide variety of merchandise including shirts, blouses, light sweaters and dresses.  These hangers feature the option of hanging straps on notches above the shoulders.  

Skirt Hangers and Pant Hangers with Clips – Strong, durable and practical in design are the hangers made for skirts and pants.  Clamps on the hanger gently yet securely hold skirts and pants in place without leaving marks.  

Suit Hangers - Made with strong contoured shoulders to help protect the shape of jackets and bars for hanging pants without clips or clamps, these sturdy hangers are ideal for suits. Pant bar styles include: solid horizontal bar, non-slip bar with rubber inlay or wood locking bar. 

Coat Hangers - Hang larger and heavier clothing confidently on these sturdy oversized hangers. Perfect for garments with a wide shoulder length or for heavy jackets and coats. Special features include: notches for hanging straps, bar for hanging pants and a swivel hook for ease of placement. Available in flat body in hardwood and curved body in heavy duty plastic.

Children’s Hangers – Never use adult-sized hangers for children’s wear as they may stretch smaller sized garments.  Using hangers designed especially for kids clothing will help better display the garment as well as prolong the life of the item. A variety of options ensure the best fit for baby, kid or junior size clothing. Choose from wood, plastic, metal and padded hangers with kid-friendly features. Children’s hangers often feature hooks and slots that are perfect for the loops on kid’s clothing or for hanging accessories.

Intimate Apparel Hangers / Lingerie Hangers - These lightweight plastic hangers are ideal for hanging bras and panties and feature a space-saving flat body, notches for the option of hanging straps, and a fixed plastic hook. These low cost hangers are perfect for both large stores and boutiques.

Noteworthy Specialty Hangers

Display Hangers – May be contoured and usually thicker than your average hanger.  The shoulders are usually wider in order to present the item in a more shapely fashion.  It’s a low cost alternative to a form. 

Salesperson’s Wire Loop Hangers – Salespeople on the go have their own special hangers equipped with longer necks to fit through garment bags.  They also take up less space.  These hangers are a favorite among those exhibiting at trade shows as well as designers transporting their clothing line to fashion shows.

3. Colors – There are pretty much three “colors” available in women’s hangers: clear, white and black.  For men the most popular hanger color choices are clear and black.  

Must Have Hanger Accessories

Man does not live by Hangers Alone!  Fortunately for store owners, there’s an array of accessories available to make displays and organizing merchandise even easier.

Some of the best include:

Hanger Stackers – When not in use, hangers can be organized and stored easily.  Hanger stackers are also ideal in helping to prevent hanger breakage. Use hanger stackers at checkout counters or in stock rooms. Hanger Stackers stand about 35” tall and can hold about 100 dress hangers or 60 skirt hangers. 

Hanger Covers – foam hanger covers prevent slipping and creasing of delicate fabrics,  ideal for boutiques!  

Foam Hanger Strips – keeps clothing from slipping off hangers these foam strips are self-adhesive and can be applied securely.

Size Dividers – White plastic dividers available in round (to fit round or square tubed racks) or rectangular (fits square and rectangular racks) help divide clothing by size (petit, small, medium, large, extra large or by size number).

Hanger Markers – white with black type, these plastic size markers fits on hanger hooks and are made to travel and not fall off the hanger.

Reaching Rods – easily retrieve out of reach hangers with reaching rods.  Avoid dangerous ladders and stools.  Inexpensive enough o keep one in every corner of your store.

Poly Bags and Dispensers –Wrap up garment purchases with its hanger neatly for customers by using plastic “poly bags”.  Available on rolls and optional dispenser stands, called “poly bag jacks” for convenient and organized bagging units.  At check-out put the purchased garment and its hanger on the poly bag jack (adjustable from 38” to 68” high).  Then simply pull the poly bag over the hanger and garment.  Poly bag rolls come pre-perforated to make tear off and check-out super easy and super quick! 

Garment Steamers – Hanging merchandise (versus folding for display) keeps garments from wrinkling.  However, keep in mind that during storage and shipping clothing is packed tightly, causing wrinkles and creases.  Eliminate these wrinkles quickly and eaily and refresh clothing by using handheld or portable steamers.

Light-weight, you can wheel a portable steamer to various locations throughout your store! Steam clothing right from your clothing racks and even on your mannequins effortlessly.


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