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Selecting Super Slatwall for your Store

How to Guide to 
Selecting Slatwall for your Store

What are Slatwall Store Fixtures?

Slatwall (also known as slotwall) is essentially a board with evenly spaced slats or grooves that allow different merchandising display hardware and accessories to be placed in a variety of positions. Slatwall offers an attractive and cost-effective option for displaying a wide variety of merchandise for all types of retail environments including: Clothing Stores, Convenience Stores, Halloween Stores, Automotive Stores, Shoe Stores, Beauty Supply Stores, Pet Stores, Toy Stores, Pharmacies, Showrooms, Sports Stores, Office Supplies Stores, Jewelry Stores, Computer Stores and many more.  Slatwall is most commonly used mounted on walls extending the merchandising space in stores. 

Also, because of its sleek attractive look and versatility, slatwall is also used as part of free standing displays.

Stores benefitting from Slatwall include: clothing stores, convenience stores, Halloween stores, pet shops, automotive stores, pharmacies, showrooms and jewelry stores.

What does a Slatwall Panel consist of?

Slatwall panels are typically made of medium density fiberboard (MDF) with melamine paper pressed or laminated on one side. The grooves are machined into the board usually spaced at three inches on center standard. The grooves are usually 1”, 2”, 4” 6” and 12”. Other options may be available, such as aluminum, as special order items.  Each Slatwall board weighs approximately 90 lbs a sheet.  It is important to install Slatwall sheets properly.  

Slatwall also come in many colors and looks.  Slatwall are available in two panel versions: horizontal or vertical.  

   - 4’ High x 8’ Long – Slats run the entire 8’ length of the panel
   - The most common and recommended
   - Gives you the highest value for the cost
   - Installs easily on most walls using the right hardware

   - 8’ High x 4’ Long – Slats run the entire length of the 4’ panel
   - Used frequently to cover columns
   - Cost a little more than horizontal panels

It’s not a good idea to use both horizontal and vertical slatwall panels together, (two or more panels in a row).  Because Slatwall horizontal and vertical panels are produced using differing machines, the grooves will be different and not line up correctly.  

All Slatwall has the same strength regardless of the finish. The only way to increase strength of a slatwall panel is to order panels with metal inserts. If the function of the slatwall panel is to hold a heavier weight capacity or if you are using hangrails with the slatwall, then it is recommended that you choose this option. 

There are certain inserts available for a more decorative look, but they do not increase strength. For example, Plastic Pop-In Inserts “pop” right into the grooves of Slatwall panels come in assorted colors.  Flexible Vinyl Strips come in rolls and can be easily inserted in the grooves of Slatwall and come in a range of color options.  Vinyl Strips offer an affordable and easy way to add pizzazz to any Slatwall display. 

What are the steps in choosing the Slatwall Panels for my walls?

Step 1. Determine if you want horizontal or vertical grove direction panels 

Step 2.  Measure your wall space (if mounting) 

It’s critical to know the exact size/dimensions of your retail space before you order your slatwall panels. In addition to getting the perfect sized panels to fit your needs, you will save on unnecessary and costly waste and shipping charges.

Step 3. Determine Groove Spacing 

The distance or space between grooves on a slatwall panel is known as Groove Spacing.  The most common or standard Groove Spacing available is 3” on center, (measuring from the center of one groove to the next).  For different sized groove spacing, (6” or 12”), each panel will need to be custom cut.  Another custom option which offers a totally unique look is to have Cube Wall cuts. Grooves are cut 6” or 12” vertically and horizontally to create a cube effect.   Note that custom Slatwall panels will require additional lead and are non refundable.  

Step 4.  Decide on the Strength you need

The strength of all Slatwall is the same and doesn’t vary by the finish you select. Slatwall panels are created using 3/4" thick MFD (Medium Density Fiberboard).  If you desire stronger Slatwall panels you can order metal inserts which must be installed at the factory. It’s a good idea to choose this option if you need your Slatwall to hold heavier weighted items or if you’re using hangrails with your Slatwall.  Note that metal inserts are different from decorative inserts which are available in different colors; either as pop-in inserts or flexible vinyl strips, and do not increase the strength of Slatwall panels.

Step 5  Select Your Finish

The following Slatwall sizes and colors are available:

Paint Grade -- The lowest priced Slatwall panels available are Paint Grade brown/tan colored panels. They’re versatile as you can use as is, or paint them to match your merchandise and/or décor needs. They’re the lowest priced slatwall panels available.

High Pressure (HPL) -- The most durable slatwall panels available are High Pressure Laminate finished. Available in hundreds of colors and designs options, Laminate allows you to coordinate your fixtures and walls to best highlight your merchandise.

Melamine/Pressure Laminate (LPL) -- Melamine (LPL) offers the look of more costly laminate at a fraction of the price. Available in a variety of solid colors, and wood grain finishes there’s no need to paint Melamine Slatwall panels making it the most cost-effective Slatwall panel solution available. 

Real Wood Veneer -- Create a warm atmosphere with natural wood finished panels. Standard wood veneer panels include Red Oak, Birch and Maple. These panels come unfinished, but lacquer, stain or varnish can be added on site.

High Clear Mirrorplex -- If you want to achieve an open mirrored look in your retail space, choose Mirrorplex Slatwall Panels. Made with a laminated acrylic each sheet is shipped with a paper mask to protect the surface.

There are also “designer” slatwall panels available that offer unique looks such as: Barnwood, Brick, Heavy Metal, Nut & Bolt, Slate Gray and Weathered Wood.

In addition to perimeter or wall displays, slatwall is available as floor display units that offer versatility in merchandising multiple products as well as being easily changed up for the  next major sales event. These slatwall displays can be placed on your retail floor at POS or different locations throughout your store.  They come in various configurations including: T Wall Slatwall Display, H Gondola Slatwall Display, Spinning Slatwall or Rotating Slatwall Displays, Slatwall 4-Way Displays and Slatwall Cube Units. Functional and versatile freestanding slatwall merchandisers can be accessorized to sell a range of merchandise. 

Some popular Slatwall Displays that we carry at Store Fixtures Direct include:

Our Slatwall Rotating Display is a 12 square, 54 inches high standing unit.  

Another great displayer is our Slatwall 4-Way Display unit that comes with a 6 inch base.  Especially ideal if floor space is limited in your store, this compact unit features four 24 inch wide and 48 inch tall panels. When assembled this unit stands 54 inches high and 36 inches wide.  Retail stores can put these attractive displays by any front end counter area to promote impulse purchases.  

Slatwall Cube Displays come in a stationary and spinning version.  Our Stationary Slatwall Cube Display measures 24 inches square by 54 inches high.  The Slatwall Cube Spinning Display is 20 inches square and 60 inches high.  Its base measures at 11 inches high.  This easy glide rotating display offers 32 square feet of display area in a 20 inches square floor space. 

The Slatwall T Gondola we feature is 24 inches long and 54 inches high. 

We offer several Slatwall H Gondola Displays including a 24 inch and 48 inch long unit. Slatwall H Gondola Display units offer you four sides to merchandise your products.  

What are the different types of Slatwall Hardware and Accessories available?

Adding to the popularity of Slatwall panels is the availability of a huge range of accessories.  All of these parts and accessories install easily.  Changing or refreshing merchandise displays is simple.

 Among the different variety of Slatwall accessories available are:

Slatwall Pop in Inserts – Different colored groove inserts that you can simply “pop” into the slatwall panel.

Slatwall Flexible Vinyl Strips – available in a variety of colors and can be changed out easily and cost-effectively.  These color strips give you the option to add pizzazz to your slatwall displays. 
Slatwall Baskets (Wire & Acrylic)


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