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Guide to Tagging Guns

Store Fixtures Direct Guide to Tagging Guns

Keeping the pricing on your merchandise current is important. Fortunately there are useful tools available for retailers to stay ahead of price changes.

Tags & Tagging Guns

Tags & Tagging Guns are used for all types of clothing and accessories like socks, or scarves. Also, this tool can be used by stores that need to tag fabrics and rugs.

What do you need to know before buying a tag gun?

Step 1: Determine what type of needle you need

There are two types of tagging guns available, “Standard” and “Fine.” Standard and Fine refer to the “hole” size made by the needle. Standard and Fine needles are not interchangeable in the same tagging tool.

Tagging needles have sharp points that separate, rather than tear fabric fibers. Fine needles are 50% thinner than Standard sized needles. Fine needles are used for delicate fabrics, such as silks versus heavier fabrics such as denim. Most retailers agree that Standard needles offer the best solution interms of needle strength and “hole” size.

Step 2: Choose your Tagging Gun

Tagging Guns come in different brand names. Prices start under $10 and up. Starter Packs which come with supply fasteners and needles are a good option to begin with and/or for small or one time projects like prepping for a trade show.

Step 3: Choose your Fasteners

Fasteners need to be chosen to match the needle size (Fine or Standard). Fasteners are universal and fit any gun brand. Fasteners are unlike needles which must match your specific tag gun brand.

Fasteners come in different inch lengths – 1”, 2” or 3”. Shorter lengths are used for smaller items. If uncertain of what length to choose, 2” fasteners area good general size for most applications.

Note that plastic “hook” fasteners fit only in Standard guns. Hook fasteners are used for tagging small items like socks, gloves and scarves.

Step 4: Choose your Tags

There are many styles of tags to help keep current pricing well displayed:

•   Coupon Tags – have perforations that allow you to separate part of the tag at purchase to help you control inventory.

•   Promotional Tags – come pre-printed with words such as: sale, special sale, clearance, etc. Often brightly colored to be eye-catching.

•   Hang Tags – usually come in larger sizes than promotional tags.

•   Merchandise Tags – blank tags offer you flexibility for pricing and info.

Tags typically come 1,000 per box.

TIP: Be prepared. In busy retail environments, it’s not surprising that tagging guns are typically tossed around carelessly. This causes bent needles and consequently results in jammed tagging guns. If you encounter a jammed gun chances are the needle is bent. It’s a good idea to have a supply of the correct style needles on hand. Remember the needle must match your tagging gun – both the brand and size. Unfortunately there are no universal needles that fit every brand.


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