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Affordable, Versatile Pegboard Displays

One of the most timeless and effective ways stores can merchandise its product is by using Pegboard Displays. Very simply, Pegboard is comprised of a board that is usually 3/16 inches thick with 1/4-inch holes spaced one inch apart. In the pegs, stores can place hooks, shelf brackets or wire baskets and bins to hold and display products for sale. Pegboard color options include white, black and unfinished. You can also paint Pegboard to match your decor. 

Stores like Pegboard displays because of its low cost and versatility. Pegboard displays are great for keeping merchandise well-organized.

Pegboard wall displays are easy to install.  It can be screwed into most any wall. Spacers should be added behind Pegboard allowing for Pegboard hooks and other accessories to fit into its holes.

In addition to pegboard displays that mount on the wall, there are also Pegboard countertop displays as well as Pegboard floor displays. Some of the Pegboard displays you can choose from include:

* Single Pegboard displays with legs. These are great for tradeshows, fairs, POP and more;

* Folding 4 Panel Pegboard units. Typically 60” high and features an easy folding wood framed 4 peg panel;

* 4-Way Peg Spinner. This unit is sixty-two inches high and comes with a metal base. Each Pegboard Panel stands about 12” x 48” with quarter inch Pegboard holes. The rotating unit allows you to display merchandise on four sides;

* Rotating Tower Spinner. This 60 ”h x 18w” cubed pegboard design features Pegboard panels in an attractive wood frame tower configuration;

* Modular Pegboard Wall units. These 48” x 96” units assemble easily with no tools needed. Pegboard snaps into a standing metal frame.

Once you have selected the style of Pegboard Display you want for your store or merchandise display consider the many different types of Pegboard accessories available to showcase your products. Add different components and change positions of your hooks and bins quickly whenever you want to add or change your merchandise.

Accessories for Pegboard displays include:

* Faceouts and Waterfalls;

* Pegboard wire baskets in a range of sizes;

* Pegboard bins that tilt slightly sothat customers can see your merchandise better;

* Pegboard hooks to hold a variety of product. Choose heavy-duty hooks for weighty objects. Hooks come in different lengths (1”, 2”,4”, 6”, 8”, 10”and 12”).  Choose the length that will match the size and depth of your merchandise;

* Pegboard Literature holders are designed specifically to showcase magazines, brochures and other literature;

* Scanning Hooks come in varying lengths (typically 6”, 8” and 11”) and are designed to help stores correctly and clearly display item names,models, and UPC codes, etc.


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